5 Student Landlord Problems

Landlords are a big part of student life, even more so than we anticipated.

Whether it be pestering you for rent that’s a day late, Facetiming you by accident during a night out, or emailing you on a daily basis about recycling. They can be a nuisance.

We’ve been speaking to students about things their landlord promise to do, but never actually do anything about it.

#1 Unexpected Visits to your gaff

It’s 10am on a Thursday, you’ve just had a heavy night out at Hot Mess with your society, you ended up at some random afters in Withington, and went to bed 2 hours ago, and your landlord is knocking on the door to fix the lightbulb in the fridge.

This is not what you need, and they didn’t even give you a heads up before.

But fear not, they’re legally not allowed to visit your house without 24 hours notice, so if they turn up out of the blue, tell them to check their tenancy agreement and jog on.

#2 Moaning about recycling

Yeah we all want to do our bit to help save the environment, and we’re all used to recycling at home. But landlords seem to have some weird obsession with recycling, and it takes up a lot more of your time than you think.

You’ll get daily reminders about separating cans of fosters and Allen’s fried chicken boxes, when really, as long as your plastics and glass are separated from your food, no one’s arsed, including the bin men. Landlord’s just love making life difficult for students.

#3 Late rent payments

Every student is poor, let’s be honest here, and the only time we’ve got a decent amount of cash in the bank, is when the loan drops at the start of the year, and after Christmas.

Landlords in Fallowfield, Withington, Rusholme etc, for mainly second year +, all expect rent paid on a monthly basis, which is fair enough, but when they’re on your back for rent that’s supposedly a day late, they need to have a day off.

They’re already getting a ridiculous amount of rent from us, not to mention the astronomical deposit, they can afford to wait off a few days.

Best story we’ve heard is a landlord asking students to pay their rent into multiple bank accounts, and warning them that it needs to be in by the end of the week, as they’re struggling to keep up with other payments. Get Paul Bohill on the case, and get your landlord Dave to be featured in the latest series of ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away’.

#4 Repairs – a week late

‘Put a list of things you need repairing guys and I’ll get it sorted by the end of the week’, is the biggest lie any landlord has ever told.

Your front door is hanging by a thread, the bathroom is leaking, the dishwasher doesn’t work properly, and there’s a random geezer sleeping in your kitchen. Some of the things that might spring to mind when you think ‘Student living’.

Landlords always say they’ll get it sorted, and we all know that will never happen, but just go with the flow anyway.

#5 Getting Your Deposit Back

Probably the most pain-enduring, time-consuming and all round load of bollocks process you will have to go through during your time at university.

Being over-charged for damages is a common theme in the student community. They like to add a few 0’s on the end of a broken bin lid, blue tac mark on the living room wall, missing fire blanket, you name it, the smallest of issue, and they’ll rinse you for it.

Landlords are legally obliged to pay your deposit back within 30 days of the end of tenancy, but we’d say 80%+ ignore this. So be careful when they try and screw you over. Luckily there’s a [Deposit Protection Scheme] (https://www.depositprotection.com/).

Of course this isn’t the case for all landlords, a lot of them are incredibly helpful and fix things straight away. An ideal landlord won’t bother you, unless you have an issue, which they’ll get sorted immediately, and although the ‘good’ landlords are hard to find, they do exist.

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