7 Netflix Shows You Simply NEED To Watch

According to a recent (non-existent) study, 76% of time spent on Netflix is spent browsing. This means you’re spending less than a quarter of your designated screening-session being entertained.

Worry not! FRESHR has compiled a list of seven Netflix shows you need to watch.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a science fiction show with an emphasis on let’s hope we all die before this happens. This show has become one of the most dismally gripping series ever.

Every episode is different so don’t feel compelled to watch them in order.

Computer Science students, we’re watching you 🤨

Watch Black Mirror


Narcos is based on the life of the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel, and their path to filthy riches manufacturing cocaine.

Watch Narcos

The Great British Bake Off

Anyone remember the Bincident with Iain’s Baked Alaska? That episode was arguably more dramatic than that time Rachel got off the plane (see below).

GBBO is perfect for when you’re missing your mum’s perfect cupcakes, however we don’t recommend watching this show on an empty stomach.

Also, Mary Berry.

Watch The Great British Bake Off


Are you even a Friends fan if you don’t clap along to that bit in the intro? Friends has somehow mastered the art of binge-ability.

The episodes are nice and short but painfully addictive so careful when you’re settling down to watch, an untrained Netflix-er might lose a few days.

Watch Friends

Him & Her

If you like The Office (UK), we think you’ll like this show. This comedy follows Steve and Becky around their one-bed flat and features hideously awkward moments with family and the proper grubby bloke upstairs.

Watch Him & Her

The Crown

With the arrival of the new royal baby, Prince Louis, we thought it was important to include “The Crown”.

This show follows the drama of the royal family and what things they (allegedly) get up to behind the scenes.

Watch The Crown

Stranger Things

This shouldn’t really be on the list because you should’ve watched it already. In the unlikely event that you haven’t, this show is set in the 80s and involves some pretty spooky stuff. 13 year old Will Byers goes missing and his friends & family (Mom),  smell foul play.

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