6 Ultimate Hangover Cures on a Student Budget

Ahh yes, the compulsory hangover after every heavy night out. Where do we begin with this one?

We’ve all been there, and claimed the bold ‘I’m never drinking again’ statement after every night out on the lash. It’s inevitable.

FRESHR has been scouting the best deals on food around Manchester, that can scientifically cure a hangover… well, according to us.


The go to place for anything and everything. Spoons breakfast is standard really, you can always rely on it.

Only problem is the breakfast menu ends at Midday, which isn’t a healthy time to be getting up as a student, especially after a night out, but fear not, Spoons do an all-day full english, so if you’re still rough at 7pm, you’re sorted.

Praise the lord for Wetherspoons, what would we do without them ey?

A Healthy Breakfast? Kettlebell Kitchen

Usually, all we can think about when we’re hungover, is greasy carbs, and the smell of bacon. But Kettlebell Kitchen have completely changed the game, with their clean grill-ups, instead of the fatty fry-ups we’re used to.

You can still get your standard Full-English; sausage, bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms etc, but Kettlebell cook it in a healthy way, so you’re not gaining weight after a heavy session.

All for £5.95 as well, and with 25% Off exclusively to students on the FRESHR App, you have no excuses not to give this a go one fragile morning.


Poached Eggs at Gorilla

Served until 4pm everday, the Gorilla breakfast menu is unreal. They do poached eggs better than anyone else.

Get your avocado and poached egg fix from Gorilla, located just off Oxford Road, a minute walk from the train station. They do a mammoth royal breakfast with extra everything, and the most incredible vegetarian breakfast, so everyone’s a winner.

They also do the best pancake stack around Manchester, with a choice of peanut butter, maple syrup and chocolate cookie crunch toppings.

We couldn’t recommend this place enough for students living close to the city centre, especially around MMU halls, and with 20% off on the FRESHR App, you can thank us later.

Crazy Pedros – Pizza & Tequila

If you’ve got a hangover, but you’re in need of a day session, and can hack a hair of the dog, Crazy Pedros is the ideal place to sort your head out. This full-time party bar and pizzeria, is the ultimate cause and cure for your hangovers.

You could’ve been there the night before playing Tequila/Beer pong till the early AM, but with the smell of pizza THAT GOOD, you can hardly guarantee you won’t return the following day to cure your hangover.

They’ve changed the pizza game, with some of the most obscure pizza topping combinations and titles, but we can assure you, they’re absolutely unreal. Their beer and tequila choice is flawless as well, so if you’ve got a day off and fancy getting back on it, look no further than Crazy Pedros.

They have 2 in Manchester; 1 in Deansgate, the other in Northern Quarter. They’re also doing some class deals exclusively for students on the FRESHR App, with a whole pizza for £10, £2 Slices, a beer and slice for £4.50 or a beer and shot for £4.50. Belter.

Sunday Carvery at The Red Lion in Withington

One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to go through with leaving home to go to university, is no sunday roast dinners, unless you’re lucky and one of your housemates is a legend who can cook.

However, we’ve found the best Sunday Carvery around, right in the centre of Withington, at a place called The Red Lion. For under a tenner, you can get a large plate filled with a trio of meats, yorkshires, stuffing, the full shabang. And if that wasn’t enough, you can pile up the veg and roasties onto your plate to your heart’s content, and even help yourself to more if you’re not full the first time.

If this isn’t the perfect hangover cure, I don’t know what is. With the Super Sunday football being on in every room, there’s no place you’d rather be.

Almost Famous Burgers

Just look at this burger, mouth-watering right.

Almost Famous are on another level for serving up some of the best burgers in the UK, covered in BBQ sauce, mayonnaise and cheese, you won’t even feel like you’ve been on a night out.

Piled up with copious meat patties, bacon, cheese, salad garnish, you name it, Almost Famous Burgers are the ultimate dirty hangover feast, that’ll give you your daily calorie consumption in one-sitting. But you don’t care, cause you won’t need to eat for the next week after one of their ‘Filthiest Show In Town’ burgers.

They’re also on Deliveroo, so you won’t need to get out of your pit. Happy days.

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